Genuine Brother TZe-231 P Touch Label Tape 12mm Black on White Laminated Tape, TZE-231

Genuine Brother TZe-231 P Touch Label Tape 12mm Black on White Laminated Tape, TZE-231


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Item specifics:
Genuine Brother TZe-231 P Touch Label Tape 12mm Black on White Laminated Tape, TZE-231, TZE231, TZ231, TZ-231
These New Sealed Touch Label Tape, Fast Delivery From UK, No Risk Money Back 100% Guarantee.
Model: TZe-231
Brand: Brother
MPN: TZE-231
Color: Black & White
Capacity: Capacity
Ink Volume: 12mm x 8m
Page Yield: Approx. 12mm x 8m
Printing Technology: Tape
Product Type: Genuine, Original
Condition: Brand New
Boxd Qty: 1X Black & White
Pack size: Pack of 1 Tape
Warranty: 1 Year
Item Description:

USE With

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